A Day in the Life of a Hiver

Mary Mohr

23 June 2020

What's it like to work at the Hive? How does a day of coworking...work?

Before deciding to work at The Hive it's a good idea to consider what level of membership you might be interested in. From casual drop-ins to dedicated desks; private offices to company suites - we've got you covered! Need to take or host a meeting? We've got a spacious conference room for that!

Whichever membership option you choose, you'll have access to a plethora of amenities to take advantage of during your workday at The Hive. Here is our guide to a typical perk-filled day at The Hive Coworking:

Arrive at The Hive

Either drive up - there's plenty of free parking in our lot - or ride your bike! We have ample bike storage inside where your sweet wheels will be safe and protected from the elements. 

Give a wave to Lilly, our Community  Manager, when you walk in! The Hive's office hours are 9am-5pm but we can can make special accommodations if you would like to arrive earlier and/or stay later. 

And don't forget to bring along your furry friend. We are dog-friendly! 🐶

Grab a Brew

A cold brew coffee that is! Nitro cold brew coffee is on tap in the communal kitchen. It's always fresh and always free to members and drop-ins. 

Take a Break

Need a mid-morning recharge? Grab a snack from our healthy vending machine. We offer a number of health-conscience options (and some not-so healthy ones too 😉): Belvita breakfast bars, roasted almonds, organic popcorn, Stacey's pita thins, La Croix, Vitamin Water, San Pellegrino & more! 

Whichever membership option you choose, you'll have access to a plethora of amenities to take advantage of during your workday at The Hive.


Downtown Palm Springs is just a 5 min drive west from The Hive and offers many great lunch spots. Some of our favorites include: El Patrón (trendy outdoor seating, awesome tacos), Las Casuelas Terraza (authentic Mexican, great atmosphere), and Juniper Table (an extension of The Rowan, a stylish Mediterranean cafe).

Don't have time for a drive? Check out The Real Italian Deli; just a 5 minute walk west from The Hive, this little spot offers amazing options for a fast casual lunch. Their sandwiches are an all time favorite of Hivers.

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

A great way to take a brain break in the afternoon at The Hive is to check out our old-school arcade game machine! This system offers a selection of 1 & 2 player games to choose from; so challenge your coworkers! Titles include: Asteroids, Centipede, Space Duel, Mortal Kombat & more. No quarters needed: It's free!

Closing Time

Oops! You've been having so much fun at The Hive you forgot you needed something printed last minute for your business? Not to worry; Honey Printing is right on site! Honey Printing offers professional mailing, printing, finishing and signage for your business. On time, on budget, and beyond expectations.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about a typical day in the life of a Hiver. 

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Mary Mohr

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