Who Uses Coworking in Palm Springs?

Melissa Cronin

30 January 2020

When we opened The Hive Coworking in Palm Springs back in early January 2020, we thought we had a good idea of the types of people who would be ideal members of our community. The greater Coachella Valley is home to so many innovative and creative people doing incredible work, and we opened The Hive Coworking to give them a place to thrive. But now that we've been open for a while, people are still asking us: Why coworking, and who actually uses coworking in Palm Springs?

Coworking in Palm Springs is a new concept - but a solution that was sorely needed for so many people that live in, work in, and visit the Coachella Valley.

Who are the kinds of people typing in "Coworking Near Me" on their phones as they lay by the pool in the Palm Springs sunshine?

1. Remote "work from home" employees 

As the workforce changes and becomes more digitally connected, more and more companies are allowing valuable employees to create the work life that they desire. For many, that means moving out of the cubicle farm to work from home or in another location away from the main office. What does that look like in reality?

When I moved to Palm Springs, I was the Content Editor for a large entertainment company in New York City. From 8 am to 8 pm or later, I would park myself at the desk in my living room and fire off hundreds of emails a day, publishing dozens of news articles across the web. I travelled back to the East Coast once a month (and less frequently in winter!), but the rest of the time, I was pretty bored by my apartment walls. 

I also found myself incredibly uninspired when it came to getting dressed or speaking to other human beings... 

Coworking Palm Springs Desk

I opened The Hive because I knew how much workers like me needed a place to call home in the Valley - and people to call daily coworkers! Our daily drop-in coworking desks, aka "hot desks" are a perfect solution for this group.

2. Small business owners in need of small business offices 

Today, my husband Mark and I are small business owners here in Palm Springs. Even before opening The Hive, we knew the ups and downs of running a small business and managing cash flow.

Why bite off a custom build-out, massive furniture bill, and complicated private server for just a few employees when you can plug and play at a place like The Hive?

One of the first companies to move into The Hive executive suites was Lin Lines transportation company. They only have four office employees, and most of their work occurs on the road, so The Hive was an easy way to lease an office without getting into a ton of extra space, expense, and hassle. 

Coworking Palm Springs family

3.  Seasonal residents who need a winter home for their business

The old model of working all your life to retire at 65 is seriously (and thankfully!) outdated. More and more, businesspeople and especially business owners are finding creative ways to balance their work and play. Several members of The Hive spend winter months here in the Valley, mixing a few hours of work each day with golf and hiking trips. Instead of trying to get a short-term lease, they're able to make The Hive their winter office. These kinds of members usually rent a dedicated desk, or buy an Unlimited Flex Membership to really put down roots at The Hive.

4. Visitors to Palm Springs

Palm Springs is paradise, but sometimes, work can make an unwelcome intrusion. When that happens, our coworking space is the perfect spot for clearing out your inbox or making a few phone calls without the distraction of the kids at the pool, the dog barking, or cocktail hour beckoning. Come drop in, take care of business, and get back to enjoying the Coachella Valley for just $25.

5. Realtors, Insurance Agents, etc.

Salespeople spend so much time on the road building their client base. For them, a day in the office can often be a day of wasted opportunity! At the same time, some administrative work is always necessary. We've met a lot of agents interested in partnering up with their peers to share the cost of a private office, so that they can stop in at The Hive between appointments in Palm Springs.

6. Really Cool People!

We were excited to see who we'd meet at The Hive, and so far our visitors have exceeded our expectations. Without exception, our coworkers are innovative, creative, kind, interesting and interested. Every day, we see them making connections that will help grow their businesses and make their lives better. It's a buzzing kind of energy that you won't find anywhere else in Palm Springs.

coworking hikers

The Hive is unique among Palm Springs coworking spaces because we offer a wide variety of workspaces to accommodate almost any kind of project. We offer: 

  • Hot desks for daily drop-in
  • Dedicated desks 
  • Small private offices for one person
  • Medium-sized private offices that fit two people comfortably
  • Larger executive suites that can accommodate three to eight people

We also have a conference room for rent, printing and scanning, and a community kitchen with killer Nitro coffee always available on tap. Community events like speaker series, hiking club, and networking parties are available to members. 

The best way to know if The Hive is for you is to come by and check it out in person. We're open for walk-ins Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Or, email us hello@thehivecoworking.com with any questions.

We hope you'll join us in creating the best coworking community in Palm Springs!

Melissa Cronin

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