The Bee Well Plan for a Healthy Hive

The Hive Bee Well Plan is intended to help employees and community members prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our workplace and community.


The Hive consists of 5,000 square feet of office space, divided into private offices and individual workspaces that are separated by walls, floor-to-ceiling barriers, glass partitions, and more than six feet of space. As such, the layout inherently allows for social distancing and spread prevention.

The risks of transmission in The Hive come from surface transfer and air-borne particles.



Airborne Particles

The layout of The Hive is in itself a safety measure against air-borne particles. Guests will be limited to one person per work pod. In addition, the common spaces will be outfitted with a HEPA filter air purification system containing a UV-C Sanitizing element shown to be effective against COVID-19 and other airborne viruses. In addition, there will be a UV-C Sterilization Lamp utilized for the same purpose.

Employees and community members will be encouraged to wear face coverings at their work stations and when moving about the space


Surface Transfer

A station at the door will provide Kleenex for visitors to use when opening the door. Immediately inside, there will be a trash can for those Kleenex and hand sanitizer for immediate sanitization.

Each workspace and common area will be outfitted with hand sanitizer, as well.

No-touch trashcans will be installed throughout the facility.

All workspaces will be cleaned and sanitized daily and in between guests. The kitchen, restrooms, and conference room will be sanitized regularly, with a log kept for accountability.

Use of The Hive printer/copier will be limited to The Hive staff.

Napkins will be provided at the coffee faucet to avoid contamination of the handle.

Transitioning to hands-free lock system.



Signage at the entrance will explain the requirements for entrance: no cough, fever, or signs or suspicion of illness.

In addition, signage will be posted explaining the safety measures taken by The Hive: social distancing, regular sanitation, hand sanitizer available, facemasks recommended, UV-C sanitation devices.

Signage posted encouraging healthy hygiene and best practices.


For questions, concerns, or comments regarding this document, please contact Melissa Cronin,

All employees have been briefed on this protocol.



20-HVE-0373-Safety Plan