Our Favorite Podcasts to Listen to at The Hive Coworking

Mary Mohr

04 November 2020

Are you listening? Podcasts are an excellent way to stay entertained and informed whether on your daily commute (remember those?) or during your at-home workday. 

If you need some inspiration for your next binge, we have compiled some of The Hive's favorite podcasts for staying in the know, staying centered, and staying entertained.

Check them out below:

Best News - The Daily

The Daily podcast from the New York Times is basically the New York Times in condensed, easily digestible podcast format. A great feature of this podcast is that it is only 20 minutes long and new episodes are available 5 days a week. Each episode focuses on one important news story, going deep with interviews and on-the-ground reporting.

Hosted by Michael Barbaro and powered by New York Times journalism, this podcast combines great music, compelling storytelling, and relevant audio clips that will grab and keep your attention throughout each 20 minute episode. Somehow, once a day doesn't seem like enough! (Warning: You'll probably develop a crush on Barbaro's dulcet tones.)

Most Inspirational - The School of Greatness

Yes, the name sounds like it might be a joke. But this podcast from former NFL star Lewis Howes is seriously good. Howes interviews a rich mix of leaders who excel in their chosen field: from sports to fashion, politics, social justice, nutrition, neuroscience, and beyond. Whether or not you've heard of the interviewee at hand, nearly every episode of The School of Greatness has an actionable tip to make your life, well, great.

Best Message - Building a StoryBrand with Don Miller

Clear is the new clever. That's the credo of New York Times bestselling author turned marketing guru Don Miller, whose StoryBrand framework has revolutionized brand messaging. Originally focused on communicating with your customers, the StoryBrand podcast of today covers a wide mix of business topics, with straightforward advice and valuable tips from bold names like Dave Ramsey.

Best Anxiety Cure - Ten Percent Happier

The Ten Percent Happier podcast is based on a book by the same name from news anchor Dan Harris, who wrote the book after experiencing an on-air panic attack and subsequently ventured into a self-help / meditation journey.

In each episode, Harris chats with meditation pioneers, celebrities, scientists and health experts about training and taming our minds. The advice offered is practical, calming, and relevant.

Ten Percent Happier also published a Coronavirus Sanity Guide and a 2020 Election Sanity Guide which are both worth checking out. Each offers a collection of meditations, practical advice, interviews and resources. 

Podcasts are an excellent way to stay entertained and informed while on your daily commute or if you are in need of inspiration or a reset during your workday. 

Best Entertainment - Crime Junkie

If you love geeking out on true crime like some of our Hivers - then Crime Junkie is the podcast for you. The storytelling, music, and real life advice from the hosts are what makes this podcast the leading true crime podcast.

Plus, if you need a deeper dive into every episode, the podcast's website offers way more details to lead you down the rabbit hole: evidence images, archive docs and information sources from each case so you can pick apart the evidence for yourself.

Best from The Hive Mind - Epstein: Devil in the Darkness

Before opening The Hive Coworking, founder Melissa Cronin had a ten-year career as an investigative journalist in New York City. Today, she writes true crime books and produces TV shows, documentaries, and podcasts from her desk right here at The Hive. Her latest podcast, Epstein: Devil in the Darkness, was based on five years of reporting about the world's most notorious criminal and won a Webby Award honor from the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences.  If you love true crime, it's a must-listen - especially before Epstein accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell's trial!


Are you ready to listen to some of these podcasts at The Hive? Swing by and don't forget to bring your favorite pair of headphones!

We can't wait to meet you!

Mary Mohr

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