Pet-Friendly Coworking: Another Day at the Paw-ffice!

Mary Mohr

09 July 2020

The Hive Coworking <3s dogs!

We always have one or two pups helping their humans get some work done at The Hive. Bringing your pup to work has so many benefits; not just for you but for the entire coworking space. Your fur friend will also benefit from the socialization a coworking space can provide (especially with all of the extra belly rubs and head scratches they will receive!).

Below are just some of the ways we have found bringing your pet to The Hive can be beneficial:

Reduces Stress (for you & your pup!)

Having a stressful day? With your pup by your side a calming look into their eyes is seconds away. Or if you need a mental break you can just grab their leash and take a much needed stress-relieving stroll. Just their presence can help to put your mind at ease and creates a comfortable working environment. If your dog has separation anxiety sometimes bringing them to work is the best solution! Your pup will be so grateful to have you in their sight. 

Boosts Office Morale & Communication

With a dog on your desk or by your side it's hard for coworkers to resist stopping by to say hi to your furry friend and to you! Pets create an instant shared interest between workers that can promote deeper conversations. Poor communication in an office can cause a huge blow to productivity; let your pup help to solve that! Not to mention - the added socialization with many different humans is great for your dog's development.

Bringing your pup to work has so many benefits; not just for you but for the entire coworking space.

Encourages a Healthier Lifestyle

Dogs need to be taken out regularly for potty breaks which is a great excuse to stretch your legs and get some steps in! Or maybe a game of fetch is in order? And why not invite some coworkers along too. There are so many opportunities a dog can provide to get moving and grooving during the workday.

Like what you read? Come join us.

We can't wait to meet you (& your furry friend)!

Mary Mohr

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