Coworking & Productivity: What You Need to Thrive

Mary Mohr

14 August 2020

How can you set up your office space to help you obtain maximum productivity levels? Well, The Hive Coworking has got it down to a science. We have all of the best workstation and workspace essentials for your elevated work performance needs; and some not-so essentials that will add much needed fun to your workday! Are coworking and productivity pretty much synonymous at The Hive? Read on!

Adjustable Height Desks

Our clean and modern desks allow you to easily (& quietly) transition from sitting to standing in a matter of seconds. The benefits of standing desks are many. Standing instead of sitting can burn an additional 170 calories per day (that's nearly 1,000 calories per week!). In addition to calorie burn, standing can lower your risk of heart disease, lower blood sugar levels, improve mood and energy levels and reduce back pain. We'll take a stand for those benefits!

Coworking Storage & Supplies

Are you struggling to find space for your important files or materials in your home office? At The Hive Coworking, we offer many different storage options. Our private offices and dedicated desk spaces come with a credenza featuring ample storage space for all of your important papers and possessions. We also offer storage lockers where you can keep valuable or top-secret items when you're not at your desk. Having everything you need easily within reach and expertly organized will definitely help to boost your productivity.

Speaking of your desk, we have all of your basic workspace needs on hand: high-quality printers, lightning-fast Wi-Fi, filtered water, Hive-branded pens and paper, and plenty of sanitizing materials to keep you healthy and thriving.

Of course, we're all about going above and beyond, so we offer not-so-basic supplies as well: easy access to an on-site professional printer and ad agency, access to upcoming educational webinar and speaker series, and friendly on-site staff dedicated to your workday success.

How can you set up your office space to help you obtain maximum productivity levels? Well, The Hive Coworking has got it down to a science.


Sometimes the best part of a work environment are the parts that have nothing to do with actual work. At The Hive Coworking we offer many perks to elevate your work day experience. We offer fresh brewed & on-tap nitro cold brew coffee, various old-school arcade style games, a vending machine packed with healthy snack choices (and some not-so-healthy too), ample bike storage for your sweet ride, a putting green, and a dog-friendly policy.

The Hive space features floor-to-ceiling windows offering all-day gorgeous mountain and blue sky views. With ample parking and a central location near downtown Palm Springs The Hive Coworking is just so easy and convenient for any type of coworker. 

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