How to Host the Perfect Virtual Meeting

Mary Mohr

10 September 2020

Knowing how to execute and host the perfect virtual meeting is more important than ever during these times of social distancing and remote work. Keeping your team connected virtually during COVID-19 is so crucial to productivity and morale. 

At The Hive Coworking we have plenty of available space for your next virtual get-together. From our large conference room to spacious single private offices, your next virtual event can be done in a location with guaranteed fast and reliable WiFi and a setting free from distractions and unexpected interruptions. 

Set Up Your Lighting & Angles

When setting up your meeting spot, make sure that the sun is in front of you for the best lighting. It is best to sit facing a window that will allow for lots of natural light to stream in. If you find yourself in a spot with little natural light, it might be a good idea to invest in a ring light. We like this one from Best Buy.

Also be sure that your computer or laptop is elevated enough so that you are not looking down or up at your meeting participants. You want to be exactly eye level with your coworkers. Grab a few books or any other solid flat surface objects to help raise up your computer if need be.

Limit Distractions & Interruptions

The worst part of hosting a virtual meeting from home are the unexpected noises and distractions. Unless you live alone in a remote location your home can be a time bomb of random interruptions that can derail your meeting. 

Worried your significant other, children or pet will barge in on you? At The Hive Coworking we have a clean and quiet workspace completely free from distractions and nuisances. We have everything you need to conduct a quiet and focused virtual meeting. 

Knowing how to execute and host the perfect virtual meeting is more important than ever during these times of social distancing and remote work.

Understand the Technology

Not understanding how to control a meeting can be detrimental to the success of your virtual get-together. Understanding the controls and limitations of whatever virtual platform you are using is critical to a productive meeting. A good idea to ensure little to no malfunctions is to set up a practice meeting with a colleague and run through all of the controls and possible scenarios that might come up during your meeting.

Keep Talking Points Handy

A good way to keep your virtual meeting on track is make sure your talking points are on point! Keeping a bullet point list of ideas or agenda items you want to hit on can really help to keep your meeting running smoothly.

It might even be a good idea to record yourself before hosting your meeting - that way you will know which areas you need to work on or improve from the audience's standpoint.

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