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Mary Mohr

16 July 2020

The Hive Coworking is not your average coworking space. With an in-house agency & printing service, coworkers from a variety of impressive backgrounds, and an unmatched focus on health, wellness & overall happiness, The Hive Coworking has everything you could want from a coworking space - and more.

Easy Access to In-House Agency & Printing Services

The Hive Coworking is home to not one but two essential services that will elevate your business.

BuzzFactory is our on-site agency that delivers unparalleled growth results. With more than 19,000 client projects over more than ten years, BuzzFactory is made up of a team of experts in graphic design, web design, SEO, content creation, social media, PPC, and more

The Hive's on-location printing service, Honey Printing is unbeatable when it comes to quality, design and price point. Honey Printing, Mailing, & Signage delivers sweet ink on time, on budget, and beyond your expectations. When you need a last-minute flyer, presentation, postcard or any other type of printed material - just hit up Honey!

The Hive boasts in-house agency & printing services, coworkers from a variety of impressive backgrounds, and an unmatched focus on health, wellness & happiness

Countless Connections

The Hivers we have had come through our bright yellow doors are from a wide variety of backgrounds and businesses. Realtors,  entrepreneurs, engineers, marketing executives, writers, inspirational speakers, and film editors are just a few of the people that have worked at The Hive. Why not add your unique title or business to the list? You never know who you'll run into at The Hive and how they might be able to work with you and your business. Google, Amazon, Netflix, PepsiCo, Starbucks, MGM, and Endeavor are just some of the companies with ties to The Hive.

Bee Well

At The Hive we believe the key to happiness is health and wellness. That is why throughout our coworking space you can see bright neon signs shining - "Bee Great" & "Bee Well". Our core beliefs are focused around living the healthiest / happiest life possible. Where and how you work day-to-day plays a big role in that.

At The Hive, we offer healthy and satisfying snack options in our kitchen vending machine. We have safe & secure bike storage on site, so you can get your workout in on the way to work. We also encourage Hivers to bring their furry friends in for the day. The health benefits of working with your pup are endless.

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