How to Host or Attend a Virtual Conference: The Hive Coworking Way

Mary Mohr

13 October 2020

Whether yearly or more frequently, conferences provide an opportunity to learn and refresh. Just a few days away from the office can be enough to return inspired with new ideas and outlooks. Of course, that's not the case this year.... COVID-19 has taken away our in-person conferences, but it can't take away our fun! There are still ways to attend conferences (virtually), while making it an enjoyable and memorable experience for your whole team.

Below are some tips and tricks for holding the perfect virtual conference for your small quaran-team at The Hive. Read on to learn more.

Set the Stage

First, reserve the conference room at The Hive. It's the perfect space for attending a conference: There is a large-screen TV that can easily hookup to your laptop to live-stream your favorite sessions.

You can also help to make the mood more festive by decorating the room. Feel free to tape up whatever temporary decorations you prefer. Even something as simple as balloons can help make the space feel more special and customized.

Plus, did you know there is a full-service print business right on the other side of our conference room door? Honey Printing would be more than happy to print out stickers, signage, coasters, t-shirts or other swag for your virtual conference! We all know a good swag bag can make or break a conference experience.

It is also helpful to communicate with your team prior to the conference to see what sessions you want to stream together in the conference room, and which sessions others should take in on their own. A mix of having time together as a team and individually learning is exactly what would happen at a real conference. 

Take 5!

Setting small breaks throughout your virtual conference can help add to the traditional feel of a conference. During these breaks, it can be fun to chat with coworkers about what you learned, and it's a good opportunity to bring in fun snack or drinks to enjoy. 

Breaks are a great time to pick up a mobile Starbucks order (only a 5 min drive from The Hive). Or grab as much fresh nitro cold brew coffee as you want from the kitchen! The Hive also has a vending machine filled with healthy (and some not-so-healthy) snacks for when the mood hits. 

COVID-19 has taken away our yearly in-person conferences, but it can't take away our fun!

Make A Meal of It

A fun way to spice up your virtual get together is with some take-out! Order lunch for your crew and become the hero of the (virtual) conference! Ordering in is a great way to make the conference feel special and unique for your office, while also helping to support local businesses. One of our favorite spots for lunch is The Real Italian Deli - just steps from The Hive! They offer a variety of fresh and delicious sandwiches and salads to-go.  

Another one of our favorite local spots for a quick and healthy lunch is Nature's Health & Food Cafe. Just a 3 minute drive from The Hive, they offer a large variety of salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and much much more. Check them out here.

Wrap it Up!

When the conference is over, don't forget to have a pow-wow with your pod about what everyone learned. Sharing insights and ideas with team members is a great way to get the most out of your virtual experience. 

Are you ready to host your virtual conference experience at The Hive? Come join us.

We can't wait to meet you!

Mary Mohr

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